The Bane of All WordPress Users

atlpressWeb developers have been using WordPress as a popular content management system. It is because WordPress allows them to have the luxury of deciding what themes they want with the numerous WordPress themes available in the market.

However, one major obstacle that they usually face every time they do a new WordPress website is that they have to stress out on the search engine optimization part as well as the click-through-rates. Adsense placements of most Free WordPress themes online are also an additional problem.

More often than not, they would rather focus all their efforts to the Adsense and search engine optimization of websites. As a result, contents are taken for granted which should be the main focus of the websites anyway.

Sometimes, they would stick on focusing on the content and not dwell into the issues of Adsense revenue guarantee as well Click-through-rates.  More often than not, they would rather depend on the unknown logic that somehow websites would earn even with the lousy ad placements of the WordPress websites.

However, Adsense experts would say that the reasons why Adsense do not get the full revenue despite the wonderful placements and number of ads on the site are because of the WordPress website design itself. Adsense experts such as Joel Comm would tells us in his “AdSense Link-Building Secrets”  e-book that Adsense works better if the Adsense ads are placed correctly and that it matches the website design.

This blog is devoted to uncovering those secrets of maximizing revenue through different WordPress themes. We will review several of them.

PranaSF Review: CTR Theme (Part 2)

As a small titbit, the “AdSense Link-Building Secrets” is usually sold at 47 US dollars apiece while other e-books sell their books at 97 US Dollars apiece. So ordering the CTR theme is like hitting two birds with one stone; you get good revenue and you also increase your knowledge on the marketing art of Adsense.

In addition, the CTR theme for WordPress hands out bonus items upon before purchasing. They allow their clients to avail of the free trial and test the theme’s capabilities as well as to test if the client will truly be satisfied by the theme. The free trial can be availed for 60 days and is a money back guarantee, like many other valuable websites. Most webmaster instantly purchase the CTR theme after the free trial

Now enough of the monetizing features of the CTR theme. Let us talk more about the theme design. What is best about this CTR theme design is that it is easy to manoeuvre. It can fit to any type of layout as preferred by the client, the web developer or the webmaster. By going to the WordPress admin panel, they can change the layout, widgets and everything else concerning the design to fit my interest.

This feature is especially wonderful if web developers have a lot of clients. They can present different designs to clients using just one main theme, the CTR theme.

Aside from having a flexible theme, the default colors of this theme is also good by itself. This means that if the web developer opts to use the existing colors, he can do so because the color pallets are within the white grades. This kind of flexibility will serve companies who are selling or other office-related products.

However, if the web developer or the webmaster opts to change the colors to match the website’s concept, the CTR theme also allows web developers to easy manoeuvre the site because of the user friendly codex. Web developers can merely open the ‘wp-admin’ and change the colors at the php files and they are good as new themes!

Lastly, the best thing why the CTR Theme is best is that webmasters can focus on unique contents more than focusing on search engine optimizing them. Every web developer and marketer know that content is the king in the online marketing industry. This probably the reasons why the CTR theme developers emphasize the SEO, thus, the search engine optimization feature. With the features, web masters and web developers can stay calm, focus on content and wait for revenue just like a true Adsense king.

PranaSF Review: CTR Theme (Part 1)

CTR Theme designed for WordPress websites acknowledges the need for a good Adsense placement and website design. Webmasters can create formal and informal websites into revenue generating platforms. It is Adsense ready and has proven to have great click-through-rates.  With the CTR theme, webmasters are sure that they can get the money back guarantee due to having correctly place and well-optimized ad placements.

Other reasons why webmasters and web developers should choose the CTR Theme for their wordpress site is that it offers unlimited site license. One of major problems with paid themes and free themes they are not flexible. This is mainly because of the less variety of headers and theme features that other themes offer.

The CTR Theme veers away from the boring less flexible format by offering different headers base on my clients’ preference. Aside from this, it can also be used by as many domains as you want without installation fee.

Why CTR theme is okay with this? The reason for the free installation on as many domains is that CTR theme’s main purpose is for the users to build a network of link buildings between each WordPress website. CTR themes main goal is to help webmasters link building as well as two take advantage of their existing sites or domains as Adsense revenue getters, so whether you’re publishing raspberry ketone reviews or news articles, this is an intelligent option for you to choose.

Another reason why webmasters and web developers should choose the CTR Theme for their wordpress site is because it is affordable. It only cost 67 US Dollars. In fact, it was as good as ordering the theme for free with the numerous features offered by the theme. From the look of it, the 67 US Dollars is like a guarantee by the CTR theme that web developers would be getting more than what they paid for.

Not only is it affordable, it also hand out freebies if you decide to purchase the theme. You will also get a free e-book called the “AdSense Link-Building Secrets” upon registration. With the free e-book, you not only get a wonderful theme you also get free  advices on how to increase your Adsense earnings, which is every webmasters and web developers secret goal, right?